Friday, May 14, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Hello all.  Last week, I've made promises to post about my visit to the Asian Food Channel demo and a continuation of the Hong Kong Noms Series!  I've been having some difficulties with some technical work, so there have been some delays!  Hong Kong Noms #6 was supposed to be a video entry, but since I'm having problems with it, it's going back to its usual text/photo format.  I'll be salvaging whatever I can from the recordings and just insert in short relevant clips.  Look out for that this weekend.

Here's a list of Gastronommy's Hong Kong Noms Series so far:

#6 UPCOMING! (hint: molecular mixology)
#7 ??? (hint: it's a very local beverage to Hong Kong)

Gastronommy's Hong Kong Noms Series focuses on specific Gastronommy favorite dishes rather than the entire menu at particular restaurants.  My preference for a specific dish may not reflect my impression of the rest of the menu.  Also, my chosen numerical order of listing is not based on any ranking.  It just helps me keep track!


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