"Food is our common ground, a universal experience."
James Beard

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The Question of Sponsorship

When I first began this site, the question wasn't even on my mind. I've taken a big step recently regarding whether or not this site should support sponsorships. As of 2013, I've started accepting very select sponsored posts, but I have not and will not ever accept a  positive-guarantee traditional review of a dining establishment (if you've noticed, I rarely post reviews here at anyway).  Candor is sort of the point of a personal blog, after all.  Giving a negative review always weighs heavily on me, since people's livelihoods are often involved.  But ultimately, it's a responsibility to the increasing number of Gastronommy readers and a point of personal pride to offer an honest perspective.

Q: I see you have sponsored posts now.  Does this mean you're officially taking sponsorships and advertorials now?
A:  Yes, I am.  The mediums include Video, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Blogging.

Q: What do sponsored posts entail?
A:  The great thing about sponsored posts is that sometimes the financial backing allows for bigger projects, meaning more room to think up of creative ways to share cool information with people around the world.  I'm here to brainstorm with you to ensure that you, our audience, and I benefit from this in more ways than just the cold transaction.

Q: I represent Company X. Can I send you Product Y to try or giveaway?
A:  Freebies are really the last thing I'm here for, but I thank you for considering  I’m happy to try out your new product, however I provide no guarantees that I’ll ever write about it. Here’s a couple things you should know before you send me anything (because you lovely people seem to send it to me regardless?!):
  • I will only write about something I genuinely love, appreciate or find useful.
  • If I do end up writing about it, I will disclose that I received it as a gift from you
  • If I don’t write about it, feel free to ask me for feedback. You took the time to send it to me, so I will take the time to let you know what I really think about it. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Q: Are you an Editor/Journalist or a Blogger?
A:  I'm a journalist who also has a blog.  If by definition, owning a blog makes a blogger, then I suppose I am indeed a blogger.  It's fascinating how the label 'blogger' didn't even exist 10 years ago.  How times have changed. (related: Professional BackgroundArticles)

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