Friday, May 14, 2010

The Pineberries Are Real

Last month, I wrote about a relatively unknown fruit: The Pineberry.  For those of you who were doubting their existence, my good friend Andrew Chen sent me emails about his pineberry experience in the UK.

April 22:
So I tried buying some but apparently each waitrose store gets 8 boxes at 8am each morning and they sell out within 30 minutes!  They are 4GBP [US$5.80] a box too.  Insane!
oh well.

April 25:
Got em!  

I went to waitrose again this morning and found the last box.  They taste like even more tart strawberries, but I agree the "finish" is like that of pineapple.  They are really tiny too, about the size of a raspberry/blackberry.  

I will have you know that if I hadn't read that one posting of yours, I probably wouldn't have felt so compelled to check them out.  [Thanks Andrew! :)  Surprise comments like these make me feel warm and fuzzy.]

For proof, here are the photos he sent me!  (posted with his permission)

Thanks for reporting from the UK, Andrew!


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