Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I'm the worst digital influencer

Sometimes I wonder if I am just a crap social media "Influencer".  I can't be assed to go to x location and dress up in a certain manner, or do my makeup a certain way, or constantly coordinate with a photographer to take photos for the sole purpose of posting it on Instagram. I prefer the candid nature of Snapchat as a platform. Most times, I just don't feel like taking photos and rather enjoy the moment without a lens. 

These days, "Authenticity" just sounds kind of douchey and in most cases, not even true when bloggers/Youtubers/instagrammers say it. Yet as a result of sheer can't-be-fucked-ness, Authenticity is indeed my jam; but is that what people really want?

Are you sure you don't want to see beautiful photos of people or things, aspirational living, flattering bikini shots? These things all take effort to pose and edit and post.

A friend asked me on this facebook post on how to become a digital influencer.  Here's what I said:
There are two approaches. I adopt the latter:
 1/ Post click bait. Beautiful photos of people, aspirational living, cute animals, funny memes, or hot girls in bikinis. Or post your own original content - it must be visually stunning. Work with as many brands/sponsors as possible. Don't get me wrong, this still all takes a lot of work.
2/ Cant-be-assed approach. Post whatever you want to post. Never endorse brands you don't personally love. Don't post about an item just because it was 'free' or a gift. Don't sell out with sponsors or posting things that make you question your ethics or self-respect. Be yourself (well, maybe the better or more interesting part of yourself). Specialize in a topic or a passion and share it - not just hollow posts that are nothing more than a reflection of your vanity. Once in a while, share the wisdom you've learned from (not whine about) your flaws, your weaknesses, your struggles - it makes you real. And it's the realness that makes the 'social' in social media. 
The thing is, #2 is a slower growth approach. It might not even work if all you want is 100k+ followers. #1 is like a guaranteed formula for followers.
Meanwhile, thanks to the lot of you who don't mind my nonsensical jammy jams and follow me, for (hopefully) me.
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Monday, August 1, 2016

A Funny Thing ... at the gym

Last Friday at the gym lobby area, I was working on my laptop around 6:30pm. A woman approaches me...
Her: Pardon me, I have a BIG favor to ask you. (She's holding up her phone in front of her in a pleading position)

Me: Hi, yes! What's that?

Her: Could I borrow your headphones? Please???

Me: (stunned. Presuming it must be an emergency skype call or something) Er... ..sure. How long do you need?

Her: About an hour; you'll be here?

Me: (Assuming she's making her call in the lobby, so why is she asking that... where's she going?!)
An hour??? That's a bit long. Yes, I'll be here, where are you going to be?

Her: Oh, right upstairs.

Me: (huh?)

Her: On the treadmill.

Me: (shock) um..

Her: (grin)

Me: (shock) UMMMM...

Her: (grin)

Me: I need it a bit sooner than that actually, sorry. Maybe you can ask the front desk.

Her: I did! They said no, already. (She looks at me with, "I know, can you even believe that they said no?!" expression).

Me: (oh, totally... how could they possibly say no! :\ )

Her: How about I use them until 7pm?

Me: ..um.. no... I need it sooner than that. Sorry!

Her: 6:50pm?

Me: (seriously?) Actually, I think I need them right now in 10 minutes. It probably won't be worth your time for just 10 minutes.

Her: (she actually pauses to consider 'just 10 minutes')

Me: Right. Sorry about that!

Her: Oh.... (crestfallen with a slight expression of disgust, like I just refused an orphan begging for food) ...Oh alright. I guess I'll just have to--

Me: (cuts her off) ...Okay, good luck. Bye!


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