Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting in shape as a food writer

Fitness and Losing Weight in Singapore

Let's cut to the chase.  I'm not exactly the smallest girl in Asia, but I've always used the excuse as a food writer to justify my jiggly puff.

I'm not opposed to exercise.  I love sports and highly encourage people to stay active.  Diets are a completely different story.  The very idea of restricting myself from any major food group is only suited for times I'm feeling experimental and a touch masochistic.  To illustrate my stubbornness with a story: a few years ago, I developed an allergic reaction to something unknown.  At the allergist, I agreed to any allergy tests, except food tests.  "I'd rather not know unless it's going to kill me," I told her. Ignorance is bliss, folks. (PS. The allergist I saw in NYC, Dr. Deborah Weichenberg agreed--she also finds "food allergies" an overreaction by the American public, except in extreme cases)

Fitness trainer and entrepreneur, Alvin of Lifestyle Fitness has challenged me.  I asked him, how fit do you think a food critic can be fit after a month or two of training?
His response, "Give me two weeks."
Right.  Seriously, Alvin, let's be realistic.
"Give me two weeks," he continued, "and I guarantee you'll be 40% less of the size you are now."

40% smaller?  Fitter?  TWO WEEKS?

How is that possible without certain death?  How is that possible with the multiple food tastings or events that happen every week?  How about my aversion to diets?  I'm not so sure if this is a bigger challenge for me, or for him.  Even my dog has more will-power than me.

Alvin of Lifestyle Fitness

Lifestyle Fitness Singapore is located at Sheraton Towers

Alvin Tan is one of the leading trainers in vibration training in Asia, specializing in specific weight loss programs and injury rehabilitation.  The professionally certified fitness coach, therapist and nutritionist comes from 17 years of experience in the fitness industry.  He uses science and medical research to craft his training programs, unlike many typical meathead type training.  Some of his clients include the directors of Singapore's biggest restaurant groups, people who are constantly surrounded by food.  ...and they're looking pretty fit.

Here goes nothing.

Look out for Part II in this Challenge


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