Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Restaurant of Nations, a taste of FHA2010's National Team Challenge

The other night, Adrian and I were invited to a pre-competition tasting by this year's chefs for FHA's National Team Challenge.  9 National Teams will be competing in a series of cook offs, showcasing their pre-planned 3-course menu.  Three teams will then be selected for the finals (Battle for the Lion) in which they be given a basket of unknown ingredients to produce an impromptu 3-course meal for 50 people.

The Singapore FHA team gathering and discussing after dinner at Chef Daniel's Kitchen

Various selected chefs from top restaurant and hotels around town make up this year's team for Singapore.  Mr. Mah and I attended the team's final practice round at Chef Daniel's Kitchen (7/F Iluma).

To clarify, the dinner was not by Chef Daniel's Kitchen.  Chef Daniel's Kitchen was used as the team's practice venue.
"Restaurant of Nations"

Lime Infused Confit of Norwegian Salmon and Belly Tartare with Frothy Lemon, Salmon & Skin Crumble, King Crab Terrine with Watermelon Sorbet

Roasted Lamb Saddle with Kumquat-Tamarind Marmalade; Braised Lamb Neck Gateau Topped with Puffed Barley, Orange-carrot Mousseline, Chlorophyll & Manchego Polenta and Thyme Sauce

Steamed Baked Almond Biscuit with Chocolate Banana; Iced Nougat and Mango "Bomb", Passion fruit Snow Jelly Wrap

I'll keep the details of my Food Tasting Comments to myself and the team for now!  Though I must admit it was very evident that the teams are only alloted a certain (low) budget when it came down to ingredient quality.  The other competing teams are: Hong Kong, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom (Wales), Switzerland, Australia, and the Czech Republic.  The National Team Challenge will be happening live at Hall 2 from 10:30am - 6:00pm (Tues-Thu) and 10:30am - 4:00pm (Fri).

Good luck, Team Singapore!

Food&Hotel Asia (FHA2010)'s seventeenth event is happening this year from 20-23 April at the Singapore Expo.  There are quite a number of other Culinary Challenges happening at the expo as well.  See http://www.foodnhotelasia.com/ for more info.

Today, 12 April was your last day to pre-register for FHA 2010.  Anyone else going?


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