Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nomming Cats and Dogs

When it comes to dog and cat meat, it has been a running joke for some and a long time controversy for many others. In this CNN video about the consumption of dog and cat in China, she mentions various dog dishes, like Dog Stew, Dog Steak, and Dog with Tofu. If my dog was for serving, would that just make it Tofu with Tofu? hurhur.

 Tofu, one of our five dogs.

Nah, this fuzzy Tofu wouldn't be eaten in China or Korea.  I don't think pure bred maltese and most small breeds would be very scrumptious.  And as much as I love Tofu (the dog that is), he is an exception since I actually prefer larger breeds as a furry companion.  ...You know, the kind of larger mutts and pure breeds that would be eaten in some parts of the world.

CNN report about the possible banning of dog meat in China

Given my adoration of man's furry best friend, it may be surprising that I actually do not find dog and cat eating objectionable.  Don't get me wrong, personally I wouldn't ever eat dog, but it seems incredibly hypocritical to get all self-righteous about it since I do enjoy the pleasures of gorging on other meats, poultry and fish.  I wouldn't ever eat cat either, but that's mostly because the idea of cats repulse me on any level (not a cat person, you see).  Yet, I would prefer kinder treatment of the animals before they're swiftly slaughtered.  I hear food tends to taste better that way too ;)  (cow, lamb, foie gras, chicken, eggs, you name it..)

And though I may not try dog, I might try cooked snake one day... despite having Kerrigan, my dear corn snake.    

I've heard such varied responses about the taste of dog meat.  I wonder if there's a huge significance in taste from dog to dog.  Guess I'll never know!

Just a little preview on the future of this site's look... This cool Gastronommy banner was a rough sketch made by talented Henry Lai :)  Notice the little cats nomming on the 'M'?


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