Saturday, March 20, 2010

Edible Zombies

As many friends know, my passion for food is comparable to another passion of mine: gaming.
Combine the two?  Asides from wiping Cheetos onto the side of my shirt before regrabbing the controller, is a combination even possible?

Just now, Adrian sent me a link to this:

(click to enlarge)

My first reaction?  AWESOME!  That is a GREAT cake!
Second reaction?  Actually, that's kind of a gross concept.  I don't think I'd eat it.
Final reaction?  Wait, does that say "Trent's 4th Birthday?"  This was made for a FOUR YEAR OLD?  

Twisted, man.  And not just because nasty zombies from a disgustingly violent game is on a four year old's cake, but because it seems I've also been playing L4D2 against four year olds.  It makes pwnage that less satisfying!

I just turned another year older this past weekend, and it seems I still need to grow up.


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