Saturday, March 6, 2010

Moleskine Passion's Recipe Journal is on the shelves!

Update 3.20.10: Including my book, Moleskine's website has a full listing of all the other Recipe Notebook contributors!  Many of the others put mine to shame! :)

Let's get away from the internetseriousbusiness posts and back to the usual lightheartedness that is Gastronommy, shall we?

Geoff and my notebook displays are now out across Asia!  I guess I shouldn't have given them the same profile photo as I'm using on this site.  The low res photo came out all pixelated on the Moleskine posters!  haha!  I hope people don't think it's me trying to cover up my identity again. *ahem*

So here are the posters!

It's kind of funny, they used the same 4 pages I chose to display in a previous post about this.  I should have taken photos of all the pages of my hard work, since I had to give the notebook back :'(  There were also written shoutouts to those of you whom I knew enjoyed a particular recipe of mine.

And here is Geoff of Geoffstwitchen and a sample of his lovely Moleskine journal!

 If you've come across these posters, give us a shout on Gastronommy, Geoffstwitchen, or our twitters @geoffstwitchen/@victoriacheng/@gastronommy I myself haven't seen them yet (haven't been to the locations this week).
Taiwan - Eslite
Hong Kong - City'Super, Page One, Dymocks, Kelly & Walsh
Macau - New Yaohan
China - emo+, Gistyle, Homeplus, Kubrick Beijing, Popular Bookmall, Point to life design bookstore, Chapter 7, CNPIEC
Singapore - Page One, Kinokuniya
Malaysia - Cziplee

(for the record, unless stated otherwise and like EVERYTHING else on this site, I was not paid or even asked to blog about this product.  This is of my own accord. )

As for what else I'll be posting about, upcoming are some more food and beverage adventures in Hong Kong!


  1. i was going to take a photo of geoff's page but i decided not to look too GROUPIE hahahahahaha

    i didn't see yours vicky! i was at the page one in times square... =( scold them.



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