Saturday, March 27, 2010

I like apples. I really do.

And this is how I like to eat them these days.  I know I cut them a bit strangely now, but I like my thin crispy little rounds!

 Yes, I realize this is an Asian Pear and not exactly an apple, but you get the idea.  I was eating them just now.

Apples have always been my leading favorite fruit, even before I had teeth.  Favorite baby food?  Apple sauce.  When I was a child?  My dad would find apples left in the fridge with bite marks in them.  He always knew it was me, especially since the teeth pattern was a bit off... I had lost my first baby front tooth around that time.  The story goes that I couldn't manage to bite through some of the apples, so I gave up and put it back in the refrigerator until one of my parents could cut them up for me (keep the apple skin on please!).

I've had other loves over the years... pineapples, mangoes, mangosteens, strawberries, kiwis, pears, lychee, dragonfruit etc... But none ever surpassed my beloved apple of any shape, size or variation.

In a list of my ultimate comfort foods, a fresh, juicy sweet apple is on my top five list.  Give me a good apple and I'm happy.  It's one of the simple secrets to my heart.  Shhh..

Great story, right?
Shush.  I love my apples.


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