Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Which food bloggers do you not trust?

Came across this: Which food blogger do you not trust?  It's a Singapore forum where a particular thread is basically calling out one particular blogger (you can probably guess who).

The point of a blog is to share your thoughts or passions. If you want to become a blogger, go for it... just do it for the right reasons, because people will smell the stink of freeloaders, fame whores, and insincerity overtime."Blogger" has become something of a dirty word these days, because of these people who go about doing it in a rude or unethical way. It's a shame, because there are also plenty of wonderful bloggers out there who get thrown in the same bag, because of these greedy or vain folks.

And to clarify to those who are not sure: I am NOT a blogger, and I don't really earn anything from Gastronommy.com website. Maybe one day I will properly monetize the site, but meanwhile, that isn't the case. You can read more about that on the 'About' section of Gastronommy.com


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