Thursday, October 30, 2014

Restaurant Culture: Tips vs No Tips

In Singapore, many feel the "lack of service standards" and general difficulty in finding waitstaff to hire or uninspired hospitality culture could be partially solved if a tipping system became the norm.

However, according to this article, there is a trend in San Francisco restaurants who are opting to end tipping and instead charge a flat 20% service fee as many other countries do (Read: These 5 Bay Area Restaurants Are Ending Tipping).

What do you all think about the tipping vs no tipping culture?

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  1. theres a 10% service charge in most restaurants in sg. i doubt its passed on to the wait-staff as tips/incentives.
    tipping may encourage better service. however i feel that its more of a social issue.
    lack of respect/appreciation for lower skilled jobs erodes their pride and passion which gradually leads to wat it is now. it is also noticeable that an increasing amount of foreign workers are filling these roles.

  2. Definitely an interesting debate. From the customer's stand-point, a flat-service charge definitely makes our lives easier. I think a compromise could definitely be the answer, a 10% charge but encouragment of diners to tip the wait-staff. I know transparency on the restaurants behalf on how much of this service charge actually is redistributed to staff has always been great encouragment for me. ~ Nikita, Brand Intern at



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