Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to become a professional food critic

Remember kids, it's not about EXPECTING things.  Don't expect freebies.  Don't expect handouts. 
Practice.  Do your research. Work your ass off.  Never take anything for granted.

When it comes to wanting to become a 'food blogger' though, a lot of people forget one thing: Doing it for the right reasons.

Want to start a blog or intern at a media house simply get free shit or 'fame'?  You're already off to a bad start.  People can smell bullshit and posering (most of the time).  There's a certain special kind fire that comes from writing, cooking, art, photography, sports... when it is done primarily for the love of the craft itself. 

If you have two chefs of equal skill creating the same exact dish in the same exact way, but Chef A is just doing their job solely for the paycheque, while Chef B loves his craft and constantly seeks to learn more.... Well, it's no secret that Chef B's dish will have an inexplicable extra oomph that Chef A's dish won't have.

So remember:

Love what you do. 
But love is never enough,
So you work your ass off for it.


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