Sunday, June 10, 2012

Food Diary [Paris]

I dine solo again!

Le Comptoir du Relais
Time: 2 June, 3pm
Place: Le Comptoir du Relais
5, Carrefour de L'Odeon 75006 Paris, France

During lunch, an American husband & wife (or most likely, evil Canadians!) next to me orders a merlot, but it's not available. He then orders a pinot noir - it's also not available. They are perplexed as to why a classic French bistro serving only French wines wouldn't have it. Later, the couple ask me in half English, half very bad French about what I'm eating (it was carpaccio tĂȘte de veau - they were shocked I answered in English, but then proceeded to look thoroughly grossed out when I explained that it is the head of the animal... even though the dish obviously looked delicious). They ask me to help them translate the menu and compliment me on how good my English is! They continue to try to stick in as much French in the conversation as possible for my comfort, since clearly English isn't my first language...?


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