Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How F&B Tycoons Stay Lean: VibroGym

location: Lifestyle Fitness, Sheraton Towers
photography by Adam Tun-Aung, unless stated otherwise

Fitness and Losing Weight in Singapore

Currently, I'm feeling pretty good.

There was something I noticed as I began my training over the weeks with Alvin.  Many of his regular clients I'd often see are doctors and food/drink industry related CEOs.  It seems, Lifestyle Fitness is where they come to stay lean despite their work.

So, you've heard that I've been getting healthier and more active again (read: Getting in Shape as a Food Writer).  It's been a while now, and I'm happy to report a good level of maintenance going on so far.  There were weeks where I'd drop so much weight with nice defined abs to match, but then it would balloon back again the moment I stopped my unrealistic Spartan routine.  I've learned a lot about my body over the past year.

But what's a fitness post without "Before" Photos?

Here's a photo I took with #LiveFitter at the beginning of my journey. 
(photo by Soon Tong, Calibre Pics)

What's funny is how difficult it was to find any full length shots. I didn't really want to see myself, so I never saved any photos.

A work in progress

They say "Abs are made in the kitchen," as in getting lean is 80% about your diet, and 20% about your fitness.  But when you're training someone who's in the food business, it's hard to dictate what s/he should and shouldn't eat....  Alvin Tan of Lifestyle Fitness offers a customized nutritional program for each of his clients, as well as a private chef on staff that can prepare your meals for you daily.

However, my "challenge" was about making progress without restricting my diet too much.  My work simply doesn't allow for too much restriction all the time.  In fact, Alvin wanted to help prove that abs can also be made in the gym.

Alvin put me on a VibroGym training program. VibroGym contracts your muscles 30-40 times per second.  In just 4 minutes, you will achieve 8000 - 9000 muscles contractions, meaning your workout is accelerated (doing more in less time). VibroGym generates vibrations that are transferred to your body.  Technically, within 10 minutes, you can complete effective training of your entire body since Vibro Training stimulates the whole muscular system at once and not one muscle after another.  But despite that, Alvin made sure I never do anything short of an hour a day.

This technology is similar, but much more advanced than the popular PowerPlates programs.  PowerPlates machines are now constructed in China, using older technology with slower and wider vibrations that might be potentially damaging to your body with prolonged excessive use. VibroGym equipment, which is only built in the Netherlands, enables upward and cleaner vibrations throughout your muscular system.

Alvin Tan is one of the leading trainers in vibration training in Asia, specializing in specific weight loss programs and injury rehabilitation. The professionally certified fitness coach, therapist and nutritionist comes from 17 years of experience in the fitness industry. 

Your average sit-up or plank suddenly becomes 5xs more intense.  The machine looks harmless, but I dare you to try.

VibroGym also helps with flexibility.  I've seen skeptics who couldn't touch their toes get on the machine, and within 60 seconds (no exaggeration), their palms were to the floor. The vibrations of the device cause stretch reflexes in tensed muscles.

Effects of VibroGym training:
Reduction in high blood pressure
Reduction on pain & fatigue
Reduction in cellulite
Burns Fat Effectively

Increase in flexibility
Increase in Metabolic rate
Increase in muscular strength, endurance, power, and size
Improvement in joint stability

Proof is in the pudding, and the journey isn't even over yet.
Contact exclusive professional trainer and nutritionist Alvin Tan of Lifestyle Fitness at Sheraton Towers, Singapore for an appointment—mention Gastronommy.   


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