Monday, April 9, 2012

How to open your own hawker stall (Singapore)

I was casually surfing the web when I came across this article on Makansutra: So you want to be a hawker: Essential steps for a foodful career

It first caught my eye, because the opening photo is of a friend's uncle (as in blood-relative 'uncle') whose Hainanese curry stall (Feng Kee Hainanese Curry Rice) I had written about ages ago.

Then there's the intriguing topic, especially for us expats who haven't grown up with Singaporean hawker culture.  Make no mistake--my local friends would often tell me--as simple as a hawker stall looks, it is very difficult to get a spot open and running.

This Makansutra article gives some tips to point you in the right direction, including bidding for your first food stall.  You can find the nitty gritty details at National Environment Agency's (NEA) website.  But most importantly, quality comes first, so make sure you have your craft near perfection.  Food-obsessed Singaporeans aren't forgiving when it comes to their hawker grub!
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