Sunday, December 26, 2010


One of my brothers and I were casually flipping through Appetite's recent A-List on the airplane (Appetite's chosen 12 professionals- sommeliers, chefs, GMs who have made an impact on 2010 or whom we expect to make a big splash in 2011), and I was telling him about each of the personalities.

We came across the page with Chef Daniel Texter and I started summarizing the text, telling him the irony of his sunny personality and pretty dessert pieces in contrast to his death metal music interest.  I told him about a music festival for death metal, and my brother responded with a very strange expression, "Uh yeah... that is kind of weird and unexpected."  So we continue the conversation and he's still really weirded out until finally he realizes, "Oh, DEATH, not DEAF.  I thought he went to annual DEAF Music Festivals."

Totally politically incorrect, but we couldn't help but crack up for a good long time, wondering how the hell deaf music concerts worked for the non-deaf.


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