Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shopping at Park Slope Coop

I stayed with a friend in the blizzard-affected Brooklyn during this recent visit back to New York.  The day I arrived, James brought me to his nearby Park Slope Coop (apparently the oldest coop in New York), where visitors need to be signed in by the members-only grocery.  "Co-ops.  Hipster spawning grounds," as another friend, Hale puts it.

 James, VIP organic and locally grown produce shopper

I was telling him about Carl Warner and his work while we were walking around.  Near the cashier were all sorts of calendars (mostly food-related) when something caught my eye.  Funnily enough, a calendar of his work was sitting right there amongst the mess of other calendars!  I haven't bought a wall calendar in ages, but I picked this one up.

As for the rest of my NY trip, I'll update about that later.

Happy 2011 everyone!


  1. That is indeed the handsome, baby faced James Isbell.



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