Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gobble gobble.

I remember the first time I saw a live turkey up close and personal for the first time, besides in my kitchen.  Here are the pictures from then!  I saw it in Holland (Keukenhof) of all places.  Boy, did this turkey mean business.  He was a total show off.  I bet he wouldn't have been so hoity toity if he knew what happened to all of his relatives across the ocean.

kind of funny how Keukonhof had a little corner about Manhattan.  I hope you all remember that New York City was once known as New Amsterdam, back in the colonial settlement days!  You know, when Native Americans were still around... and when Thanksgiving wasn't only about who makes the best turkey.  

I'm figuring no one wanted to see these before Thanksgiving.  Probably not even after either, come to think of it.

Hope you all had a good one :)  I'm having ANOTHER post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner this coming Saturday with friends.  The feasting never ends!  Long live America, land of excess!

On an unrelated note, from time to time, friends or even strangers ask me for food or restaurant recommendations here in New York.  I can usually accommodate them with a fairly confident answer.  Until now.

I was just recently asked for vegetarian options.

GOODNESS.  I have to say, that's one particular type that I never really tried to zero in on before..  I have a thing about people completely eliminating entire food groups for other than allergy or religious reasons.

But, in this one case, it seems this girl has a legitimate reason in my book.  So, while it's never going to be a number one priority, I suppose I'll put the Vegetarian dining on the research to-do list now.  (I think we're going to start with miso based ramen, perhaps?)


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