Monday, November 9, 2009

Imagine a world without the smell of bacon

A conversation between my brother and me this morning:
me:  I made pancakes.  Going to make me some scrambled eggs now
and bacon
I think I'll wake Duke up to bacon! [our other brother, sleeping near the kitchen]
Laibond:  You know what is very depressing to me
me:  what?
Laibond:  because denise doesn't cook
i will almost certainly never wake up to the smell of bacon

Sent at 9:03 AM on Monday

Luckily for Denise and all other girlfriends who cannot cook, it's hard to go wrong with basic bacon.  Though, if you truly care about your loved ones, you will always find out first if they like their bacon crispy or chewy.  You want them to remember your favorite flower?  Then remember how they like their bacon.  These details count.

Me?  I love my bacon nothing short of crunchy. 


  1. For whatever reason, if I ever pass out at your place, I'll be sure to wake you up to the smell of bacon. haha

    Anyways, looking forward to sushi tomorrow. =D

  2. Bacon is decidedly American, no?
    How about luncheon meat?
    Luncheon meat > bacon?

  3. if by that you mean things like Spam... I've addressed that in another post in the past.

    I can't say it's my favorite haha.

  4. Yes, like Spam. I wouldn't say it's my favorite either, but once in a while when I'm in HK I get a craving for spam + fried egg + the heated soy sauce over rice. Yummy.

    Spam musubi's not bad either.

    So what is it about the smell of bacon you prefer over the smell of frying spam? Is it in the brine?



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