Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Ass Hot Dog


For a little less than $40, you can get 16" long, 7lbs hot dog.  Yes, that hot dog is almost the size of your Rock Band guitar and bigger than your infant nephew.  I need to show this to my brother, who has been on a Papaya Dog diet the past month (gross, I know.  Don't ask).

Too bad they don't sell buns in 50 packs.


  1. lol. i've been on something of a papaya dog diet myself.

    when i first started looking for jobs in new york, i was so broke after my last interview that i could pretty much only a meal at gray's papaya.

    i got that job.

    so ever since then, after every interview, i always make it a point to go to a gray's papaya or papaya king and have a couple dogs and a drink for $2.50. (used to be 2 bucks even!)

    my sister also thinks it's a disgusting habit, and she's like, that's for when you were broke! you make six figures now! come up with a new thing! but it's one of those comfort things.

  2. o my gosh! are you sure buns in 50 packs would be enough to cover it? LOLz



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