Friday, September 11, 2009

Moon eggs continued... My first video blog!

So, as continued from my VERY FIRST entry on this blog ever, I said I would post about making moon eggs.  They aren't anything fancy or anything new at all (my youngest brother informed me that these eggs-in-a-basket made an appearance on V for Vendetta too).

You just put a hole in a piece of toast and drop an egg in there.  Some like to flip it, some don't and then just serve.

I put a slight variation on these Moon eggs and fried the egg in olive oil instead and added a few things to spruce it up a bit.  I've been avoiding putting recipes up just yet, but someone requested it today.  Just for him, I will put up my very first public recipe along side my very first video.

As a disclaimer, I am actually very video shy and I'm using this super easy breakfast dish as a compromise for forcing myself to record and then upload it for all the world to see.  I will be taking time to put more time into editing this site and videos in the future.. in the meantime, let's do it raw.

as a reminder (in case you can't tell), this is NOT an instructional video or cooking demo, but simply a video blog about my curious first-time attempts. 

(recipes always only posted after a couple more tries and taste testers to confirm, don't worry :-) )
Gastronommy's Moon Eggs

serves 2, great for kitchen beginners

2 large eggs
2 slices sourdough bread
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon grated parmesan cheese
dried thyme leaves, to taste.
black pepper, to taste.

1.  Toast the slices of sourdough bread on pan or skillet until light golden brown appears.  Remove and place to the side.
2.  Heat the olive oil in pan or skillet on medium heat.
3.  Using a knife or a cup, cut a hole in the center of the sourdough slices (about 1/4 area of the whole slice).  Keep the cut out circles to the side and place the slices back in the pan.
4.  Crack each egg into each hole.  When egg whites are almost cooked through, lightly crack a bit of black pepper, parmesan cheese, then a small sprinkle of thyme for garnish and flavor.  

Notes:  Don't worry if the egg whites leak a bit out from under the toast.  It should spread a bit under the toast anyway to keep hold in the "basket."


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