Tuesday, October 25, 2016

HmletLife, renting apartments with a personal touch

One of the things that drew me to journalism was hearing and sharing people's stories. I've managed to find a way back to doing that with Hmlet... the stories have been touching, hilarious, and barf-worthy adorable.

This latest series I'm working on together with photographer Adam Tun-Aung, is a photo series about the "Humans of Hmlet." I am producing the Hmlet videos as well while I interview our members about their personal tales.

One trend I've noticed is their appreciation for the personal touch.  There was a distinct appreciation for folks like Zenos Schmickrath (co-founder) and Debbie Ang (sales) who gave apartment renting and sales a personal touch with their genuine concern. Hmlet has led to real friendships between our units. Here's a candid shot we did at the end of one of our shoots tonight at The Sail, where three of our members wanted to say something to Zenos after meeting each other through Hmlet...


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