Monday, August 1, 2016

A Funny Thing ... at the gym

Last Friday at the gym lobby area, I was working on my laptop around 6:30pm. A woman approaches me...
Her: Pardon me, I have a BIG favor to ask you. (She's holding up her phone in front of her in a pleading position)

Me: Hi, yes! What's that?

Her: Could I borrow your headphones? Please???

Me: (stunned. Presuming it must be an emergency skype call or something) Er... ..sure. How long do you need?

Her: About an hour; you'll be here?

Me: (Assuming she's making her call in the lobby, so why is she asking that... where's she going?!)
An hour??? That's a bit long. Yes, I'll be here, where are you going to be?

Her: Oh, right upstairs.

Me: (huh?)

Her: On the treadmill.

Me: (shock) um..

Her: (grin)

Me: (shock) UMMMM...

Her: (grin)

Me: I need it a bit sooner than that actually, sorry. Maybe you can ask the front desk.

Her: I did! They said no, already. (She looks at me with, "I know, can you even believe that they said no?!" expression).

Me: (oh, totally... how could they possibly say no! :\ )

Her: How about I use them until 7pm?

Me: no... I need it sooner than that. Sorry!

Her: 6:50pm?

Me: (seriously?) Actually, I think I need them right now in 10 minutes. It probably won't be worth your time for just 10 minutes.

Her: (she actually pauses to consider 'just 10 minutes')

Me: Right. Sorry about that!

Her: Oh.... (crestfallen with a slight expression of disgust, like I just refused an orphan begging for food) ...Oh alright. I guess I'll just have to--

Me: (cuts her off) ...Okay, good luck. Bye!


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