Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[Event Giveaway] Gastronommy x Heineken Star Serve Session

Join me at an exclusive beer appreciation session with Heineken Star Serve. Only 10 readers will receive entry for 2 (the winner + 1 friend) to this complimentary private tasting on Thursday 10 July.  Heineken's draught master will be hosting the session, along with two hours of free flow beer and soft drinks, and canapés.

To join, simply follow these steps:
  1.  Share this photo (above) on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
    (or all three!)
  2. Hashtag it #GastronommySG and #HeinekenSG
    (privacy settings for this post must be public, so I can find it)
  3. Fill in this blank in the caption:
    My favorite place for a Heineken is __________.

See you there.

How to say Cheers! in other languages:
Dutch: Proost!
Chinese:  干杯! (gān bēi)
German: Prost!
French: Santé!
Korean: 건배! (gun bae)
Italian: Salute! Cin cin!


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