Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#Bloodties for Red Cross Singapore

A video by Red Cross Singapore:

#bloodties #adrenalineinmyblood #sgredcross #ydcsg

Be a part of this good cause. Join me at the Blood Donation Drive on 12 & 13 July at Scape (Level 5). Spread the word by posting your selfie and declaring your passion.
#bloodties #(state your passion here)inmyblood #sgredcross #ydcsg


I've often confided in people close to me about my concerns about food writing - call it an existential crisis, if you will.  I have friends who've given up their very comfortable NYC corporate life for something that was more meaningful for them... like using their skills to improve waste management in New Delhi and healthcare in Vietnam (Tiffany Talsma and Luan Vo, I have the utmost respect for your work).  Meanwhile, I'm luxuriously spending my days writing about the taste of food.  If you read my work or this blog, I'm guessing life's really not all that bad for you in the big scheme of things either.  Donating our blood to help save lives is the least we can do, right? :)


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