Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Banh mi and Vietnamese noodles [Singapore]

Just got wind of a new Vietnamese restaurant in town.  Opened by the same folks who opened up Annam, Les Amis now presents NamNam Noodle Bar.  Unlike its sister counterpart, NamNam is much more reasonably priced, with Banh mi going for $5.90 and various Vietnamese noodles anywhere between $7.90 to $16.90.

I just came back from my first trip to Vietnam two weeks ago, where banh mi costs a buck each.  But who am I to complain?  My friends and I were whining about the lack of banh mi options in Singapore the whole trip home.

I have NOT tried out NamNam Noodle Bar yet, but it is on my ASAP-to-eat list.  Will report back soon if it's any good.  If you manage to get there before I do, please share your thoughts!  In the meantime, here is their menu:

Raffles City Shopping Centre
Wheelock Place


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