Sunday, March 4, 2012

My February in a nutshell (with the help of memes)

The dieting part isn't a ton of fun, but the daily workout and gym routine has been fantastic.  My body is addicted to the physical activity.  With that said, I've been eating ultra healthy, and in the long run, my body will thank me for that too. (Do you see me trying to stay positive?  Woe the self-deception!)

Planning to share what the new diet consists of in later entries.  It's been a challenge making food more interesting while cutting out all the things that make the culinary world so nice... butter, bread, bacon...

But no worries, my little honeybees.  I still indulge in gastronomic delights (see photos here).  After all, is about living your one life as you believe; live la dolce vita.  If you want some motivation to be healthy and look sexy, I'd recommend putting this away and instead visiting the blog of Singaporean-born, Malaysia-based Fay Hokulani (  Her daily meals look ridiculously boring, but that girl is serious hotness to boot.

Give and take, but here's to me trying to HAVE IT ALL.  Next: rule the world.


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