Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moleskine Passion's Recipe Journal

Moleskine notebooks has a new line of journals coming out.  They have sent complimentary copies to Geoff and myself (as writers on Geoff's Twitchen) and have asked us to log our food journeys.  They will then showcase our personal notes, tips and secrets in 12 different cities across Asia.  Fun!!!  It's good being here in Hong Kong.

I received my copy today and just filled out the first page.

I already have personal notebooks at home filled with recipes, reviews, food to-do lists, F&B ideas, etc, so getting started in a notebook specifically designed for this is a fluid transition.

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  1. Why, what good writing you have there Victoria :) I was like ... what are the chances of Victoria following me on Twitter followed by a convenient comment on my blog which reads "Duke's Deli HK has the best hot dogs!" ... haha I'll approve it as soon as I remember what the password to my blog is. Its been too long since I've updated.

  2. Hey now, I just said "Duke's Deli HK has hotdogs," not that they were the best. But if you perhaps think they're the best, that's cool =)

  3. What's in the first pages? Everybody talks about the tabbed sections and the stickers, the ribbons and the double pocket but, what's in the first pages? Is there a conversion table like in the planners? An equivalency table? Info on nutritional value of some ingredients? What's in the first pages?

  4. All of the above! Conversion tables, planners, nutritional values... You seem to know already! :)



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