Friday, January 22, 2010

Duke's Burger

I'd like to clarify for those who are confused about my involvement, that my direct hand in Duke's Burger (Hong Kong) began with my initial concept and ended in September 2008.  Since then, a lot has changed from the previous Executive Chef Que Vinh Dang to the management in general.  Since I am permanently located in New York, my current role with Duke's Group is on a consulting basis instead.

I am proud of what Duke's was when I left to New York, but I'm not so proud of all the changes.  Let's just say it's getting more and more different than my initial concept and how I left it.    The owner and I have very different visions about the F&B biz.

However, Duke's Burger is still a fantastic joint to spend a lazy afternoon sipping beer and munching on their shoestring fries.  The burgers are also significantly cheaper now (good), but don't expect the same gourmet quality it once was.  Duke's Burger's well-known interior designer, Andre Fu is probably reeling at the owner's decision to blast down a wall a few months ago.  It makes the entire restaurant open air and I'd say it was a choice for the better.  It's probably the only change I 100% agree with.

I can't really delve into more details of my opinion without sounding too biased or perhaps offending people I'm rather close to.

Duke's Burger (right next to the escalators)
5 Staunton Street, SoHo
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2526-7062


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