Monday, December 21, 2015

Wrapping up 2015

I don't post about difficulty often. It is very private, and I think it's weird to share on social media. But here goes.

Despite what shows on the surface, having my shit together... It's been an extremely challenging 1.5 years, comprising mental hurdles and tough periods that made me doubt my strength. But then I learned the real value of relationships... the friends and family whom you can share your burdens with, unconditionally too, once you accept that you have vulnerabilities. There are people with such great big hearts, strong characters, with giving natures, without an ounce of ulterior motive whom I'm so lucky to have and look up to. It can be hard to truly realize these people until times get rough.  They come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes from the most unexpected of people. I'm closing 2015 with so much love and appreciation for these folks. My mom, Adam & May, Zenos, Fia, Rika, Norman, my brothers, and others. Even my toughass Dad (he can put Gordon Ramsay's bellowing to shame).

The last half year has been amazing and hugely challenging, but in a progressively positive way that has been setting up for what I expect to be a huge 2016. I can barely contain my excitement for all the projects that are being lined up, readying for launch! That's why I'm in Singapore this Christmas. I'm working this holiday — if you can even call it that. Let's call it building.

I'm building.

TL;DR version ➡ The power of planning forward and thinking positive is immense. Happy holidays!


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