Saturday, October 31, 2015

Chats with an Uber Driver in Singapore

Today's chat with a chatty UberX driver, Sin Choon, in Singapore:
About why he chose to work with Uber over Grabtaxi;
His insistence that I freeze fresh lemon juice in an ice tray, so I can get some vitamin C to help with my cough.
He is pro-government, pro-PAP (that's a first) for the safety standards, work standards, and general living standards of Singapore;
He shared his thoughts on food bloggers and food critics (trust no one);
His thoughts on the local Hong Kong food scene (dai pai dongs don't exist anymore);
To check out the nasi lemak at Changi Village, and that Chinese New Year in Malaysia is more fun than in Singapore. They're more festive and celebrate the tradition with more vigor.

He intermittently quizzes me, sure to name something or somewhere I don't eat: durian.. curry fish head... Chomp Chomp... Geylang... petai beans.... But I eat all. He said I passed the test and can stay in Singapore. "You eat a lot of things ah. You must be in Singapore for the food. I talk to foreigners and they never hear of petai. You can make it here, can get your Permanent Residence already."
Damn straight.
"You can get it easily, just marry a Singaporean, ha ha!"
Fuck off, one-star rating.

(I'm kidding.  He's kidding too.)


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