Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Serendipitous Pairings (plus: Hediard Macaron Giveaway)

Taste Magazine was so kind as to feature Gastronommy again, this time for their February issue... "inspiring couples", serendipitous pairings and some such!  (See past coverage in Taste here)


You can view the whole magazine here: Taste Magazine, February (by Purple Sage)

Thanks again for the interview. You might recognize some other familiar faces in the feature, such as the super hot, super cool Fitness blogger, Fay Hokulani with her other half, Charles James Wright of Johnnie Walker Malaysia.  In fact, both of the other couples (I'Ling Noela Yee and Ben David Sorum of Hyde & Seek, Bangkok), are all pretty stunning -- I'm going to finish this ice cream sandwich here in my hand while I envy their perfect physiques.

If you want to join me in this indulgence-fest, Taste is having a giveaway, a box of 8 macarons from the French fine food boutique, H├ędiard Paris.  Check out page 26 of their e-magazine for more details.  The contest ends at 3pm on 8 February.  That's this Friday, so get on it!



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