Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to make the perfect scrambled eggs [video]

After a lengthy post describing how to make the perfect scrambled eggs for a crowd, I always meant to make a follow up video on making them.  My friend known as Yongfook, the dapper Brit-Singaporean, brilliant home cook got around to doing it recently.  I'll have to say, he (or his hands) have much more camera-suave than I do, and more importantly, he demonstrates it correctly.

Check it out.  And ladies, he's single.  You can tweet him here for a date.

Here are some tips from the last time I wrote about eggs.  Yongfook demonstrates a less fussy, but nonetheless delicious version in the video, so take and choose the tips that make what you think are the perfect eggs:
  • Use a heavy pan with a nonstick coating.  You want an even distribution of heat.
  • Use low heat.  Patience will pay off.
  • Warm the pan before adding a bit of oil, then the butter.  The oil will raise the temperature at which butter burns.  Using clarified butter will help immensely as well.  You don’t want your butter to burn.
  • Yes, there is a remarkable taste and texture difference between grade levels and between the standard eggs and free-range or organic eggs.  I'm not one of those organic health freaks, so I assure you there is an enormous difference when it comes to eggs.
  • Adding a tad of water to beaten eggs will already make your eggs come to life.  As they cook, the water turns to steam, causing them to puff.
  • If the eggs are cooking too fast, take the pan off the heat.  This seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised how often this doesn’t occur to people.
  • Remove the eggs from the heat while still moist.  The hot pan will continue to cook the eggs and this will prevent overcooking.
  • Adding heavy cream or crème fraiche just as the eggs are almost finished cooking will turn your eggs into a delicious rich, creamy masterpiece.  Throw a bit of chopped chives over the top and look like a pro.


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