Friday, December 2, 2011

J'ai un paquet... from Feiyue!

A few weeks ago, I was surprised with an adorable French-themed delivery from Feiyue.

 Handwritten to each of us by Pat Law
also a good sign that beautiful penmenship is not dead.

It included all sorts of goodies, including buttons, macarons, chocolate biscuits, pink lemonade, and of course... a pair of new kicks.  Feiyue, meaning "flying forward", comes from an interesting history originating in Shanghai - if I'm not mistaken, the shoes were popular amongst martial artists for their flexible and light material (think retro kung-fu movies)... This bit was of personal interest to me, given my 12+ years of dedication to martial arts. 

The lightweight canvas shoe evolved over time since its early days in 1920s China, taking on influences from the hip bits of today's French street fashion.

Celebrating the values of freedom and innovation, Feiyue is looking for more "Custodians of Freedom" to hand deliver more of these vintage-esque packages to.  To nominate yourself or a friend, visit the Feiyue Facebook page, Asia.

Photo from Zouk Singapore
Thanks Feiyue!  I'll be uploading my Feiyue x Zouk 20/20 Sneaker Launch event photos up on my Gastronommy Facebook page later on.

Victoria xoxo


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