Friday, November 4, 2011

My First Restaurant Guide in print

I spent the last few months at Appetite magazine dishing together Appetite's Guide to European Restaurants 2012.  It's just a guide/directory, along with great editorial pieces by Appetite writers, Edipresse editors and freelance writers.  So, while it isn't a big deal to some, it's still my first guide as a project editor.

...and it makes me happy to finally see it in print! (Don't rain on my parade, yo)
This little guy took many long hours.  I was lucky to have the help of Appetite's editor, deputy editor and online editor's help - especially during those really late nights before production.

I believe it's being sold along with November issue of Appetite magazine (2 for 1!), otherwise you can buy it individually off of bookshelves.  Let me know if you come across a copy!


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