Thursday, September 29, 2011

ChunkFest 2011 [Giveaway]

I'm a Ben & Jerry's Moolet.  That basically means they fatten me up as a B&J ambassador and give me cool swag on the side to distract me.  I have a soft spot for the brand, seeing how the founders are from my home state.  Heck, they're also from Long Island too! (It was founded in Vermont, but the boys are originally from New York)

I remember the first time I ever tried Ben & Jerry's.  I was a freshman in high school over summer holidays... I was in marching band (...shut up), so our practices started before the normal school months in preparation for the Fall season.  We were taking a break at a nearby 7-Eleven, when a fellow band member pointed out Phish Food in the fridge.  I remember being completely weirded out by the name, and doubly skeptical of how palatable it could be ... Long story short, after trying it for the first time, Phish Food became my favorite and is still my favorite flavor to this day.  Gooey marshmellow swirls and crunchy chocolate chunks... uuuurglenomnomnom.

As some of you know, Ben & Jerry's Singapore has some pretty cool limited edition iPhone covers they create annually.  For any of you who have seen me on my phone, you will surely have seen my iPhone cover with the flying cow (except Phil Wu, who cannot see cows).

Ben & Jerry's has just released three different new iPhone4 covers to honor one of B&J's (and my) all time favorite flavors: Phish Food.

You can win one of the three from me, plus any pint of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream of your choice.
All you have to do is leave a comment under this post telling me what your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's is and how you like to eat it (in a cone, in a cup, with French fries... etc).  Three winners will be chosen on 31 October.  I've only posted one of the covers here.  The other two are a surprise. (Singapore only, include your email or FB so I can get in touch)

If you want to guarantee yourself or a friend one of these babies, here is another way you can get your own limited edition cover:

Starting from now till 31 October 2011, Ben & Jerry's lovers can obtain their own Phish Food iPhone 4 jackets by following these instructions:

1. Buy two Ben & Jerry’s pints (one of which must be Phish Food)
2. Exchange the original receipt at any Ben & Jerry’s Singapore scoop shop to redeem the phone jackets. Customers are free to select a design while stocks last
3. Upon redemption, customers also get to purchase a limited edition Phish Food Sundae at $10 (usual price $12.50)

If you are a die-hard ice-cream fan, you'll be happy to know that there are actually festivals encouraging your frozen dairy obsession.  Visit for more information.  Coming up soon:

15 October 2011
2pm - 10pm
Promontory @ Marina Bay


  1. I love eating my B&J Strawberry Cheesecake in the tub. It makes me feel like I am the happiest person on earth. :D

  2. My favourite is definitely chunky monkey. A flavour very unique to B&J, Banana Ice cream with Fudge and Walnuts. How could that go wrong. In a cup and straight up is how I like to have mine.

  3. My favourite is definitely chunky monkey. A flavour very unique to B&J, Banana Ice cream with Fudge and Walnuts. How could that go wrong. I like mine straight up in a cup

  4. My favorite one is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and I love having it in the cup :)

  5. My best friends and I started a birthday tradition of replacing b&j for cakes! Complete with candles and happy birthday signs. My all-time favourite is Dublin Mudslide, straight from the tub! Dig in! (:

  6. My favourite is Chunky Monkey! Love the flavour and the chunky ingredients. To make things better, I will add fresh bananas to it and I love it :)

  7. triple caramel chunk and chocolate fudge brownie . Eating straight from the tub and slowing enjoying it spoon by spoon . licking the last spoon - sedap

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